Fox Family Fun

January 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My Christmas break was nothing really to bark about, it basically went like sick kid, Christmas Eve Party, another sick kid, Christmas Day, still sick kid, American Girl day picking out our first AG doll, sick mommy....yep that was pretty much it.  The only one that didn't get sick in my house was the husband.  I was totally out of commission for at least 4 days, but on day 4 I had something that I had to tend to....A PHOTO SHOOT!!  One of my favorite things!!  As sick as I had been there was no way I could, or would reschedule, due to a family that is spread out across the United States, and would be all together on one day. On a very frigid day in December, the wind stopped blowing (well a little anyway, and it was blocked by a building) and we were able to take advantage of the sun.  Two baby boys, and six little guys makes for an amazing photo shoot.

Let me tell you these little guys were a hoot!!!  I could have spent the entire afternoon with these boys, and their families.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Yes the sunglasses are real!!! 


I hope the Fox Family enjoys their images as much I enjoyed them!!!

Kind-Hearted Kallen

October 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today was an extra special day for me, not only was it the day of our little town's annual Fall Festival/Homecoming weekend, which my kids love, but it was also the day that I had the honor to take my niece, Kallen's senior pictures.  A senior, really a senior.  What happened to the sweet little red head that would melt our hearts with every smile that she graced us with.  She has turned into quite the young lady...and I couldn't be more proud of all her accomplishments.  It's hard to believe that in less than five short months this young lady will be eighteen. 

If I could give you any advice for the future it would be to have the courage to grow up and become who you really are, and to always, always, always fight for what you know is right.  You are an amazing young woman with a heart of gold, please never change that about yourself.  One of the greatest pleasures I have had in my life is watching you grow up and become the person you are, and I can't wait to see what life brings you in the future.  You truly are an amazing person Kallen and in the words of Johnny Cade from "The Outsiders", "Stay Gold"  I love you more than you will ever know!!!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

October 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So, I have decided to wander into new least new for me.  The world of newborn photography!!!  To be honest, I didn't know if this was something that I wanted to do or not, because I was so nervous about handling someone's precious little miracle.  I have had a couple opportunities over the past few week to photograph newborn, both being 5-7 days old.  The only thing I can say about this experience is WOW!!!  I absolutely love capturing these little creatures on camera.  Am I fantastic at this?....No, not yet.  Am I excited about what I am learning?....ABSOLUTELY!!!  But I am learning, and it is something that I am so excited about learning about. 



All that being said, My friend asks me a while back if I was doing newborns yet, because she has a cousin that had just had a baby the day before our conversation.  I reluctantly told her that I was starting to do them, but I was by no means an expert at this and if they wanted the newborn smooshy look it might be best if they call someone more experienced in this than me.  They wanted me to do them and I was up for the challenge.  Four days later I was on my way to meet this little beauty.....


Oh my, she stole my heart!!  She was the sweetest thing, and she sure was the little angel that all newborns should be.  She restored my faith in taking photos of these tiny little angels.  Of course the last few babies I have done, have all been perfect.  Some awake, others not awake, but either way they all have been so much fun to meet.  I have enjoyed all the friends I have made along the way by meeting their parents, and I look forward to meeting even more.

Something New

September 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Blogging....everyone seems to be doing it, why can't I?  I have gone back an forth on this subject several times over the past six months, and I couldn't ever decide if it was something that I wanted to do.  I am a much better photographer than I am a writer, but I am also sometimes quite witty in the things that I say.  So I figured what the heck, I'm going to give this whole blogging thing a go.  My goal for blogging is to blog every session that I do, and tell something special about every single one of my clients. Because in all honesty every single one of my clients is special, and I truly do enjoy each and every one of you.  Once I get this thing going, it should be a one stop will be able to view your proof in an online gallery, decide what you want to order, then order it straight from the gallery.  It is a win-win for everyone. 

I really am going to try to make this a fun place, that people want to come back and see what kind of trouble my latest antics have gotten me into today. 

I was going to add a photo of myself, but I just realized I don't really have any decent ones, I always say I look better behind the camera....I'm going to work on that.

Glitter Fun

September 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

As I was going through a shelf in my office/extra bedroom tonight I found something quite interesting.  A box of glitter....not just a couple bottles of glitter, a whole shoebox full.  I have absolutely no idea where I got a box of glitter, and why I have a box of glitter.  So I did what any normal sane person would do, I decided to break out my camera and have a little fun.  Miss Karlee thought it was a grand idea, and was as always a willing subject.  It took a few tries and me teaching her how to blow the glitter out of her hand without making a blow fish face, but I think we nailed it!!!  We both had fun with this one, and I can't wait to try it out with some of favorite kiddos.

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